Commonly asked questions

Q) Do you play music suitable for our Function or Venue ?.

A) All Functions & Venues vary. Functions such as Birthday Parties,Weddings, Anniversaries etc normally have a wide age group attending and my music caters for this. My repertoire is always well received (see the Testimonials  page). Bookings such as Restaurants obviously require a variety of popular tasteful background music,

i.e Instrumentals, Evergreens, Latin, Light Jazz Standards & melodic pop, whereas music at Dinner Dance functions require similar background music for diners followed by Pop & Dance music & as I can do many different styles of music people that have booked me have said that I am the perfect choice for their function (see the Testimonials page). I am also always conscious of noise levels & have been congratulated on keeping my music to an acceptable volume.

Q) is your fee reasonable & within our budget ?.

A) My fee varies according to the day of the week, distance to venue (I am based in Hertfordshire) & also time & length of performance. It is from approximately £100. e.g afternoon 2 hour session. A point to bear in mind when budgeting is the need to provide background music & more lively dance music for later in the evening, if this is required, I can do both.

Q) Can you augment to a Duo, Trio, or Quartet ?

A) My work is as a solo artiste but it may possible to add other musicians if required, for example Female singer, Guitarist, Saxophonist, Trumpet depending on availability. Of course the fee will reflect the number of musicians booked.

Q) Can I listen to what you do ?

A) Yes I have a demo CD which I can send you free of charge, which consists of a few shortened tracks from my full CD recorded in 2010. Of course this is a tiny selection of what I do but it will give you a good idea.

Q) Is the sound on the CD similar to what we will hear live ?

A) Yes, the CD was recorded for that purpose, I now use a new Bose L1 sound system on most of my engagements ..this is the ultimate in sound technology giving quality sound with an acceptable volume level.

Q) We would like you to play a song that is particularly special to us, perhaps to start off the dancing etc. Would that be possible ?

A) Yes I would be delighted to do this but obviously I would need to discuss this with you prior to the booking.


Q) We may need a microphone to make an announcement or a speech, can you arrange this ?

A) Yes, I always carry a spare microphone for this purpose.  


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